After your application is favourably reviewed by the chairperson of the Science Evaluation Committee, you will be notified about your appointment to an expert team by phone or email.

The next steps are the following:

Step 1 – Confirmation of willingness to participate

Before establishing collaboration, the Science Evaluation Committee will require expert candidates to confirm:

  • the absence of conflicts of interest
  • their willingness to evaluate specific doctoral schools
  • their availability at a specific date to conduct an inspection of a specific doctoral school in person alongside other team members.

Step 2 – An online training session

After establishing collaboration, experts will participate in a mandatory online training session to learn about:

  • the Polish doctoral student education system
  • the education evaluation and quality principles at Polish doctoral schools
  • the operation of the SEDok ICT system, which is used in the evaluation process.

Step 3 – The first team meeting

The head of the evaluation team will contact team members to arrange the date of the first online team meeting.

The meeting is organised to:

  • introduce team members
  • discuss evaluation cooperation principles.

Experts will be required to work online.

Due to evaluation teams comprising foreign members, you may be required to communicate in English.

Every evaluation team will appoint its own head and secretary.

Step 4 – The analysis of doctoral school self-evaluation reports

Experts will analyse doctoral school self-evaluation reports in the SEDok system.

Step 5 – An inspection of a doctoral school

On the date agreed at the onset of collaboration, experts will participate in person in a one-time inspection of a doctoral school.

The inspection will be conducted in one or two days.

Travel and accommodation arrangements are made in advance, with experts incurring no expenses.

Step 6 – Preparation of the evaluation report in the Polish and English languages

Following the inspection, the evaluation team prepares an evaluation report in Polish and English.

The report includes:

  • an analysis of the quality of education at the doctoral school prepared according to the criteria specified in Polish legal regulations
  • recommendations (if any).

The preliminary evaluation report is submitted to the entity that manages the doctoral school for review and feedback.

Step 7 – Preparation of the final report and doctoral school evaluation

Following the review of feedback, the evaluation team reaches consensus on the final version of the evaluation report and proceeds with the evaluation of the doctoral school, determining the evaluation result as either positive or negative.

The evaluation result and the final report are submitted to the Science Evaluation Committee, which relies on them to adopt an evaluation resolution.