The Science Evaluation Committee seeks to collaborate in the evaluation of doctoral schools.
The Committee aims to partner with experts with significant scientific or artistic achievements and an excellent command of English.

In 2018, Poland introduced doctoral schools – a new doctoral training model.

The operational diversity of Poland’s doctoral schools is defined by their distinct structures and unique, autonomous solutions. 

The evaluation of doctoral schools is intended to ensure the high quality of doctoral student education.

What is the evaluation objective?

Evaluation is the key to guaranteeing the high level of education at doctoral schools, contributing to:

Who is responsible for conducting evaluations?

The evaluation process is supervised by the Science Evaluation Committee (KEN). Despite being appointed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the body remains entirely autonomous in evaluating doctoral schools.

The evaluation results are validated by resolutions of the Science Evaluation Committee.

Expert teams

The evaluation is conducted by a team of experts who are individually appointed by the chairperson of the Science Evaluation Committee for each evaluated doctoral school.

The expert team composition

Every expert team will comprise one person from the Science Evaluation Committee, acting in the capacity of head, and other experts with significant scientific or artistic achievements, including:

  • at least one who is employed at a foreign university or foreign scientific institution
  • one who is a doctoral student designated from the pool of candidates recommended by the Polish National Representation of Doctoral Candidates.

Every evaluation team will also appoint a team secretary.

Each team will consist of four to seven members.

What do expert teams achieve?

Expert teams provide evaluations and prepare evaluation reports,following evaluation inspections at doctoral schools.

The final evaluations are determined by the self-evaluation reports submitted by doctoral schools and the findings from the evaluation inspections. The evaluation results and the evaluation reports are submitted to KEN, which adopts evaluation resolutions.

How to submit your expert application?

Candidates interested in becoming evaluation experts being included in the expert candidate database should complete and submit the online application form, which is available at the Doctoral School Evaluation System (SEDok) website.

Candidates in the database will be appointed as evaluation team experts by the chairperson of the Science Evaluation Committee.

What is the expert’s fee?

The expert’s fee for serving as a member of the evaluation team depends on the size of the evaluated doctoral school and may range from approximately PLN 5,000 to approximately PLN 8,000 gross.

If paid in a foreign currency, the amount of the fee will be converted based on the current exchange rate.

When will the initial evaluations take place?

The initial evaluations are planned to begin at the outset of the 2024/2025 academic year, in the fourth quarter of 2024.

Following individual schedules set by the Science Evaluation Committee, the evaluation process will unfold cyclically over time for each doctoral school.