POL‑on comprises 22 modules. Each module collects various data categories. These are described below.

Special roles are assigned to each module that enable users to browse and edit data. 

If you want to access a module, please submit a request to the POL‑on administrator at your organisation or ask them to assign the relevant role to your account.

Are you interested only in browsing and do not need permission to edit data in POL‑on? Explore the RAD-on website, which features the POL‑on data that is available to the public. 

Higher education institutions and scientific institutes

Organisation financial data
Doctoral schools
Organisation heads
People authorised to sign documents

Students and studying

Degree programmes
Short-cycle higher education
The Polish National Repository of Theses

People of science and scientific careers

Staff members
PhD candidates
Promotion procedures

Scientific and artistic activities

Scientific projects
Patents and rights of protection
Artistic achievements

Administration, reports and declarations

Data accuracy declarations

Reporting and statistics

Planning and reporting document database
Statistics Poland – reports

Selected phased out modules

PhD students
Doctoral studies
Dr/Dr hab degrees