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How can users log in to POL-on?

The administrators specified in access requests create accounts for and assign roles to other staff members.

Are you a staff member who is waiting for a POL‑on account? 

1.If you do not already have one, create your account in the Central Logging Module (CLM).  A step-by-step guide on how to create an account can be found here.

You can use your CLM account to log in to other Polish science and higher education systems, such as the Polish National Repository of Theses (ORPPD)the Polish Scholarly Bibliography (PBN)the Uniform Anti-plagiarism System (JSA)INVENTORUM  and  Polish Science

2. Link your CLM account to your POL‑on account.

The administrator will register your POL‑on account. You will then receive an email that contains an activation link. Click on the link. This will activate your POL‑on account and link your POL‑on and CLM accounts.

3. You can now log in to  system POL‑on.

If you are unable to perform any actions despite being logged in to the system, contact your administrator and ensure that they have granted you the necessary permissions.